Radio Play - Grooming

Radio Play - Grooming
A new inspiration from the Bohemian Collective


Nobody ever expected anything too unusual to happen at the police station in Stokersvale  - population 8000. Just your run-of-the-mill mix of traffic infringements, domestic violence and petty larceny. Then the call came. Something strange was happening in the graveyard.

Grooming - Episode 1

Episode One

Check out the first episode (6min) of The Bohemian Collective's "Grooming".

Grooming - Radio Play

Episode Two

Check out the second episode (8min) of The Bohemian Collective's "Grooming".


Woman... Suze
Constable Mal Jones... Yasir
Senior Constable Mavis Brady... Lydia
Sergeant Frank Lawson... Paul
Inspector Cath Campbell... Riddhi
Probationary Constable Jack Mitchell... Mitch
Coroner Graham Cargill... Alasdair

Written and produced by Paul Goodwin.

A special thanks to Omkar, Skaria and SAE Byron Bay for the audio recordings and use of the studio space.


In August 2016 a group of us gathered at the Byron Bay Library and SAE to research and explore poetry, performance, voice acting and radio podcasting. We especially wanted to have fun recording a radio play, so Paul started writing this gothic folly, we all gathered around the microphones and, as Dr. Frankenstein would say, “it breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs”.