Books you may like

Books you may like

This is place where I'd like to share books I'm reading or that have influenced me or The Bohemian Beat program. Where I can, I have set a link to a store where you can buy the book.

Having said that, I'd like to dedicate this page of the site at the moment to "Under the Amaranth Skies". This is a book I wrote during my twenties that I have been putting off publishing... until now! Under the Amaranth Skies has now been released as an eBook and will be released in print soon. If you are interested in purchasing the eBook or adding your name to the list for when we go to print, click on one of the links in the column to the right. I'd love to get your feedback.

A little about the book

An adventure into the magical theatre of the hero's journey. Both humorous and tragic, this is an incredible tale of courage and spirit, set in the harsh lands of Australia. Under the Amaranth Skies is a story about a young girl, Jasmine, discovering the deep and fantastic secrets within herself, her friends and the land.

The story explores Australian Aboriginal spirituality, which are basically universal truths. And how the characters in this modern context are prepared for their Dream Journey. It is the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, ignorance and knowing. It is the struggle between the artist and the thinker, intuition and the rational mind.

Jasmine's is a journey where the inner and outer landscapes of her life merge and dance, guided by the undercurrents of a prophecy singing the mellifluous tunes of the ancients.

This prophecy emerges from the Aboriginal Dreamtime, an ancient legend of two sisters, who ‘walked the dreaming’ in the beginning of creation, as the givers of life. Amid the darkness of these modern times these great souls incarnate to fulfil their destinies, unknown to each other and unaware of the legend existing within. One sister is black the other is white.

The story focuses on the white sister, Jasmine. Before the dream journey can begin and before the reunion with her ancestral sister can take place, the preparation phase of the hero’s journey must take place. We journey with her, weaving through her past, present and future, and meet a rich tapestry of characters along the way. A modern myth that voyages through the psychological growth of a girl into a woman, and into a hero.

eBook Out Now!

Under th Amaranth Skies - Book Cover

Under the Amaranth Skies
by R. McIlwraith

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